Vintage Swimsuit Wool Bathing Suit 1920S Gantner & Mattern Size M-L

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Wonderful example of vintage ladies/mens swimsuits in the twenties this suit features a maroon colored body with a little bit longer leg style and an over skirt with black and gold stripes. The gold is also featured at the double V neckline. Label is G & M Gantner & Mattern Co. San Francisco.

Note: we originally thought this was strictly a women's suit, but another ebayer noted that men sometimes wore this style too. Also, more info on this from another generous eBayer-In the late 20's men's suits started getting smaller, losing the skirt portion, and while still being a one piece the top on many would zip off and if you were swimming with just the guys in a secluded location you could have the bottoms only.

Most people don't realize that men's and women's suits at this point in time were the same and up until the mid 20's it was illegal in all states for men as well as women to swim with their chest exposed! While that started to change in the mid 20's, in some parts of the US (down South mainly) it was illegal until sometime in the 40's.

Marked Size: None

Bust: 40-44"

Waist: 32-36"

Hips: 40-44"

Shoulder to hem length: 33"

CONDITION: Overall excellent for its age it does have a group of holes in the front center and only a few small ones in the skirt.