Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store?

The Cats Pajamas does not have a retail store at this time. Our vast selection is mainly sold on our site and by occasionally exhibiting at Vintage Shows such as The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. We also recommend Cats Pajamas ProductionsTwin Cities, Vintage Clothing show in Elgin, Illinois. Tell 'em Miss Kitty sent ya!

Do you consign?

Yes! But, only very high end, couture, or celebrity consignments at this time. Please email us with your inquiries. We are currently seeking high-end designer or couture clothing and accessories. 

Also, if you have a store or just want to order a quantity, we can definitely work with you and find a discount that works for both of us! Please don't be afraid to make offers.

Can I rent clothing?

At this time, only if you are a costume designer.

Do you buy clothing or estates?

We sure do! Call or email us with the details & we'll be happy to contact you.

Do you sell large quantities?

See our link for the fashion and design community here.

Is there a real Miss Kitty?

Yes! And she knows how to tickle your vintage bone! She loves mixing fine and funky vintage pieces for that one of a kind, individual look you desire. She isn't a skinny little thing, but instead, a bit more on the voluptuous side, so she knows that us girls with the dangerous curves have needs, too! She will do her best to make your shopping experience at The Cats Pajamas as purrr-fect as possible. Meow, Baby!

Who created your very cute Miss Kitty logo? And that cool font? —Reminds me of the old show "Bewitched"!

A very talented girl by the name of Amy Saidens, who, incidentally, also illustrates for Lucky Magazine, the fashion bible for many a clothes horse. They mix a lot of vintage with new, which is cool in Miss Kitty's book! The font was created by Mischa Hof, who has very generously offered it in a free download. And it IS the same as was used in the TV show " Bewitched". You can download it here: Mischa's Bewitched.

What is the origin of the phrase, "The Cat's Pajamas"?

Many people have asked this question! The Roaring '20s ushered in some new phrases relating to cats that are still used and enjoyed today. A "cool cat" is someone who keeps up with all the latest fads and trends! The "cat's meow" describes ideas that were just "too cool for words"! Actually, the phrase "The Cat's Pajamas" means the same thing... only no one seems to know quite why.

We have the best in vintage women's clothing and have one of the best vintage clothing stores on the web! You can find us on Pinterest, Etsy, eBay, and Twitter.