Vintage Stole Kolinsky Mink Fur Gorgeous Bamboo Print Turquoise Lining 1940s

$ 295.00 $ 599.00

Deep brown Kolinsky Mink fur vintage stole, with unique design that looks especially nice in back. The vintage mink stole has a big shawl collar, and no pockets or label. It does have a beautiful deep turquoise changeable silk taffeta lining that has a bamboo print.

A Vintage cape like this is a perfect topper for a wedding, evening or prom gown..

Marked Size: none

Width: 56”

Length: 18”

CONDITION: Excellent


If you'd like to not feel guilty about wearing a vintage fur, read a great, well done article that appeared in Collectors Weekly by Lisa Hix, and reprinted on my Vintage Blog entitled "Should You Feel Guilty For Wearing Vintage Fur? Finally, the voice of reason- it’s actually “green” to wear vintage fur!"