Vintage Pheasant Feather Pillbox Hat 1950s Oranges/ Polka Dots Modern Miss

$ 77.00 $ 129.00

A lovely vintage pillbox hat for the lady of exquisite taste and a penchant for the whimsical comprised of beautifully colored and patterned pheasant feathers.

There are are so many colors in this hat but they are all compatible  Bright orange  iridescent purples, and brown feathers feathers with all kinds of colors in polka dots- how do they do that? Then there is the ornament that looks like a fishing tie on the front....did I say whimsical?

The feathers are fastened to a pinkish felt body. Label is " Modern Miss"

Will fit up any size head due to style and is about 3" tall, and in excellent condition.

Note: the photo makes it look more yellow than it is in reality.