Vintage Ivory Silk Satin Beaded Strapless/Wedding Evening Gown 1950s 38-32-44

$ 263.00 $ 350.00

This lovely vintage strapless gown was more than likely custom made for the owner, since there is no label , but its top quality silk satin. This vintage gown is SO "Marilyn Monroe"style, much like the gown she wore in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". The strapless bodice is boned and built up with an inner stiffened bra.

There is a set in waist, then the skirt hugs the hips on the way down to ankles, It is straight in front, but has a clear insert at the back for a fishtail or train. The dress is embroidered with ivory seed pearls, and silver bugle beads, and prong set rhinestones. It is not lined except for the bodice. The skirt hem is lined with a wide band of horsehair.
Marked Size: none

 ( could be altered down several sizes)

 Bust: 38”

Waist: 32”
Hips: 44”
Length: 50”
Length (shoulder to waist): 12”
Length (waist to hem): 38”

  • CONDITION: Very good, with the following flaws: There is a tiny bit of color transfer where the ivory pearls are It really looks like it is supposed to be there. The only other thing is a small tear in the front, which has now been repaired. I had it re-cleaned to see if I could get the coloring around the beads out, but unfortunately, it lost some of the beads. My best recommendation for this is either a costume, or you could make a killer wedding gown but putting a sheer silk over lay or tulle over the dress, so you can see the shape and the beadwork, but not in detail.