Vintage Chinchilla Fur Hat, Scarf & Muff Set 1950s Amrose

$ 900.00 $ 1,500.00

A fabulous find, this vintage chinchilla set cost over $7000 when purchased in the 1950s by the previous owner. It is luxury beyond belief as chinchilla is the worlds softest fur, and most expensive.

The set includes a hat, sort of a beret style lined in faille. It fits on the back of the head so should fit any almost size.

The muff is lined in black satin and has a zippered safety pocket and a wristlet of satin. It is about 9" long.

The scarf  measures 36" long and 5" wide and has clips on both ends to give it a variety of ways to wear it. It is lined in black velvet. All have the " Amrose" label and are in excellent condition. It has a slightly purple-chocolate tinge to the black stripes.


If you'd like to not feel guilty about wearing a vintage fur,read a great, well done article that appeared in Collectors Weekly by Lisa Hix, and reprinted on my Vintage Blog entitled "Should You Feel Guilty For Wearing Vintage Fur? Finally, the voice of reason- it’s actually “green” to wear vintage fur!" 




It's the voice of reason, at last!