Vintage Canvas Mary Jane Shoes Ladies 7-7.5 Heels Dble Straps 1920s

$ 206.00 $ 275.00

Great pair of rare vintage off white canvas heels, with Mary Jane double strap styling, each closing with a tiny MOP button on the side. The heels are wrapped with canvas, but the soles are leather. Pointed toes could put these shoes anywhere from Edwardian to the late 1920s, and look a lot like the shoes I recently saw in the movie "Hugo". They are perfectly wearable.Wolfe Bros is stamped in bottom of insole.
Perfect for a Downton Abbey costume, or a Great Gatsby Affair!

Marked Size: None, but the previous owner wore a 7-7.5 US, and they fit well..

Measured length inside, heel to toe: 10 1/4”
Width across bottom: 2 3/4"
Heel: 2 7/8 ”
Condition: really great, not stiff, only very slightly darkened around the edges from age- these are really in great wearable shape!