Vintage Aubergine Silk Evening Coat Created 1960s of Antique Fabric Provenance S

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This stunning vintage evening coat was created in the 1960s from textiles woven in the Art Deco period or the 1920s. The textiles were from the Summer Palace of the Empress of Peking, China. It was made into an evening coat by and English court tailor. (See provenance below.) It consists of medium weight silk brocade, the pattern being large medallions featuring a stork or blue heron and the full moon.

It is expertly gathered into an empire waist and symmetrically closed only at the neck with hooks and yes. It has a very Givenchy style, especially the stiff horizontal bow. It has elbow length sleeves, that are almost 1 piece, no seams on the front bodice with only one on the back.

It is completely hand tailored, and certainly one of a kind! With the popularity of the new Pan Am series, this will be a fashion knockout at your next affair! Note: the photos cant truly show the depth of color of this fabric. It is almost ethereal.

Marked Size: none

Bust: 33”

Waist: 31”

Hips: free

Shoulder: 16”

Sleeve from shoulder: 10.5”

Sleeve from underarm: 8”

Length: 40”

Length (shoulder to waist): 13”

Length (waist to hem): 27”


Here is the provenance that I have for this item, purchased in Canada: Her great-grandfather was a Magistrate in Peking before the fall of Peking. I think that this was just after the turn of the century. Also, sometime after that, her great-grandmother had purchased some textiles from the summer palace of the empress in and around the Deco-Period. There was this certain aubergine fabric that was made into an evening-coat for their grand-daughter by an English Court Tailor.Much of the fabric was saved, instead of being wasted, in the construction of this garment. Instead of cutting and wasting it, the fabric was pleated and sewn into an evening coat during the early 60’s sometime.What this woman didn’t know, ( the 45 year old), was whether this fabric was part of the purchase from the Summer Palace to the Empress, It was for her mother, that the garment was made. She did say that neither her mother or her had ever worn it.