Victorian Womens Silk Wide Brim Hat Black Ribbon Jet Decoration 1890’S

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Antique hats like this Victorian Silk hat are getting harder and harder to find especially one in this condition. This hat consists of a wire frame to which yards and yards of black silk chiffon have been gathered, pleated and attached. It has a velvet inside hatband but it is unlined.

The antique hat has a 2” black jet ornaments on the top of the crown which is rather flat as is typical of hats from this era and the brim is about 3” wide. No label. In pretty good shape there is some damage as shown in the photo but overall in nice shape. You can dress it up with trims or feather- its a great base!

It measures about 13-14" across the hat and the crown is 6" across. The crown is not meant to fit the head, just sit on top with a pin.