Lot of 37 Vintage and Antique Buttons

$ 37.00 $ 49.00

There is a variety of buttons in this " found in a drawer" at a Pa estate. One is a "spes nostra es devs button"-- Latin translation for the words on the button means "God is our hope". The center of the button has a three legged Teutonic Eagle. These were modeled after the type used by the British Mercenary Hessian Soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Measures 1.5" in diameter.

There are 2 Victorian buttons with a sheaf and sickle metal inlay in composition; Applied pewter shank;
Many others are very early, with engravings and flowers; Only a few are alike as shown. The one with the rose in the center is a composition with metal rose . Most are shank and range in size from 1/2" to 1". As found. Oh and 1 1/2" green marble.

There's a total of 37, plus the extra little buttons on pins, and the one little rhinestone pin.