Schiaparelli Vintage Officiel De La Couleur Des Industries De La Mode No. 6 Hiver '52

$ 120.00

Vintage L'’Officiel de la Couleur French fashion design catalog pages, includes a FAB Schiaparelli, 4 in this one, all stunning fashion design notes, and colors on thick art paper. These are extremely rare and hand painted ( see below) and would be beautiful framed in groups. Includes front page cover and back, plus a great back inside black and white ad.

 These are, in part, the comments from the original instructions from the publication in which these prints were found: "Pursuing its campaign for supreme Parisian elegance, L'’Officiel de la Couleur continues to be published in limited editions of numbered copies, which is the proper course for a publication which is not intended for the general public. L’Officiel de la Couleur is the first magazine in the world to be collected by bibliophiles. Each one of its colors, it will be remembered, is painted in by hand, and this is what gives it its value.”

Length: 14"

Width: 10"

Pages: 6

Issue Date: 1952, 16, 1

Condition: Very good, but edges slightly worn, paper yellowed slightly.
If you’d like to purchase more than one or would like the whole collection, let me know, we can work out a deal!