Antique Japanese Thong Shoes Gold Damask Mens Womens Esso Oil Company

$ 74.00 $ 99.00

Antique Japanese Wooden shoes with thong style straps are covered in a metallic gold damask and the thong part is lined in red velvet. They have a thick black leather sole nailed on showing the age. They measure about 10"” long by 3"” wide with a 1"” platform.

Here is a bit of history about the owner of this item: L.V. Collings went to China in 1916 to work for the Standard Oil Company of New York then known as Socony (Standard Oil Company of New York) or the Flying Red Horse Oil Company (Esso) and was there until 1923. He returned to law school, worked for a law firm and then rejoined the Standard Vacuum Oil Company where he worked in the NYC office until he retired in 1960 when he was Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company operated in 60 countries or jurisdictions in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand and in Africa.