Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress I'm proud to say that all the vintage in my store is hand-picked, high-quality and beautiful but sometimes you find a truly exceptional piece of vintage. This early 1950s Christian Dior suit is just one of those pieces. Found in a Pennsylvania auction, the vintage Dior suit auctioned just before this one sold for an amazing $35,000!

So, why is this vintage dress so special?

Where do I start?! There are so many reasons why this dress is such a collectors piece. Here are just a few of those reasons:

1. It's Brand Spanking New!

To start with, even though it's over 60 years old it's completely and utterly brand new, unworn and in mint condition even complete with original 'Saks Fifth Avenue' tags (see below). Even the tags are like miniature works of art aren't they? Vintage Christian Dior tags

2. It's an original designer Christian Dior wedding gown

Not only is this a designer wedding gown of your dreams, it's a fraction of the price of a modern Dior wedding dress. It's not easy to find out exactly how much a new equivalent would cost, but if you bear in mind that Charlize Theron wore a (a very simple) silk Dior gown to the Golden Globes in 2012 which was reported as costing $30,000  then you get an idea of what great value designer vintage  is! Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress

3.  It was featured in 1950s Harpers Bazaar (and possibly worn by Grace Kelly!)

This gown was featured in the October 1950 edition of Harpers Bazaar (see the picture below). We suspect it might even be Grace Kelly in the photo, what do you think? We also have the original magazine featuring this gown and will include it along with the gown if you buy it. Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress

4. It's sooo luxurious

The gown is made from heavyweight (and very expensive) champagne wedding silk satin which was a top quality wedding dress material.  The sleeves are also trimmed in luxurious brown mink cuffs. You really don't get more glamorous than that! Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress

5. Own a unique piece of fashion history

This dress is a great early example of Dior's famous 'New Look' style. Christian Dior launched his revolutionary 'New Look' collection in post-war Paris in 1947. It was a completely new way of dressing in total contrast to the knee-length practical fashions necessitated by wartime austerity. The glamour of waspy waists and full flowing skirts helped to rejuvenate the struggling fashion industry, and appealed to women the world over. This was also a sly move to try to encourage the women who had worked in factories and fields throughout the war and back to being housewives and mothers, making room in the job market for the men returning from war. So you see it really is an important piece of fashion history! Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress

6. No bride will be wearing the same dress as you!

No bride wants to hear the comment, 'Oh I love your dress, it's exactly the same one that so-and-so wore at her wedding!'. That's the great thing about vintage (and particuarly designer vintage) who else is going to have such a unique dress at their wedding? Vintage Christian Dior wedding dress If you would like to find out more about this unique dress please take a look here.