Vuokko Myllynkivi Vintage 1964 Circle Dress Abstract Black & White Print Iconic Free Size

$ 950.00

Unbelieveable vintage dress by Vuokko Nurmesniemi who was a principal designer for Marimekko, and known for bold color and shape combinations, whimsical looks. This one is no exception!

This style is Myllynkivi and is Vuokko Nurmesniemi´s first model as an independent designer after she left Marimekko and was designed in 1964.

Myllynkivi means "millstone" in English, a fitting name for the design.

100% Cotton and a bold black and white swirl print. The final photo is the only other one I could find of this print anywhere and can't find the name of it, so I believe it is VERY rare.

Marked Size: XS- but it is truly a free size, even a size 12 can wear it and look good.
Diameter: 45”


Models Measurements:

Bust - 32"
Waist - 26"
Shoulders - 15"
Hips - 35 1/2"
Height - 5'8"