Vintage Black Velvet Gown Suzy Perette Exceptional New Look Late 1940s

$ 325.00

Killer vintage dress by Suzy Perette in jet black velvet and silk faille. It has a wasp waist, front deep square neckline and plunging back neckline. The hips and skirt are built up with reinforced lining material. This one has a back metal zipper. The front is embellished with a huge silk faille bow thats a bit "fringed" at the ends. A real girly dress!

 Label is Suzy Perette.

 It is the ubiquitous cocktail dress of the era. The shape is totally " New Look"- a revival of the Victorian era style clothing with corseted waists and full skirt.


Marked Size: none

Bust: 30”

Waist: 23”

Hips: free

Total Length: 43”

Length (shoulder to waist): 15.5”

Length (waist to hem): 27.5”


CONDITION: Overall Excellent; the velvet does have some marks as velvet gets over years of storing.At the stress pointswhere the pleats are right in front, the corners are starting pull away, but if youre wearing black underneath it wont show.  I did have it cleaned and the marks are still evident, but they dont affect the dress whatsoever, unless youre a perfectionist.