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Vintage 50s blouses come in a huge variety of different styles, prints and colors, which is probably why I love them so much. Whether you're looking for a smart pretty blouse to wear to the office, a rockabilly shirt to wear with capri pants and a pony tail, or some Mad Men style glamor: a genuine 1950s blouse will take you there.


Whether you prefer sheer lace or a more preppy look, the tailoring of a 50s vintage blouse will look great in the workplace. Team a blouse with a smart pencil skirt and you'll look fabulous!

Above: Sheer vintage 1950s nylon blouse in a blue floral. The blouse has cap sleeves, darted bodice, and buttons in back. Wide boat neckline and cute bow trimmed peplum. It is lined in a sheer buff nylon.

Sweet! Buff pink vintage 1950s sheer nylon blouse with a textured body and unique V shaped lace inset on front and full lace back. Sleeveless, with a sheer peplum. Glass ball buttons with rhinestone centers.

Fifties soft gold silk faille blouse, front close with covered ball buttons, darts for great fit and an Italian designer label to boot. It has flaws, see below.

Vintage 50s ivory sheer nylon blouse is comprised of vertical pleats topped by a round lace yoke, and a finished straight hem, waist darts and button back. Label is Debcraft.

Very sweet vintage blouse of 100% cotton in a lovely red rosebud print, on white. White pearlised plastic buttons. Darted at waist and bust. Label is Rhoda Lee.

Vintage pale pink nylon blouse, sheer as can be, with pleated front and a flower detail in the center. Long sleeves, button back, no label.

Bold and Bright Prints

No decade enjoyed bold prints and bright colors the way the 50s did!

Cute vintage blouse of 100% cotton, cherry red, in fact. The front of the vintage blouse has a cool triple accent edged in white with bows at the top.

Cute vintage black and tan linen set featuring a whimsical people print. The top or blouse is a button front classic sleeveless with waist darts only. The skirt has a set in waistband with the black border at the top. Left side zip closing. No label. Doesn't appear to have been worn much if at all. Very versatile, as you can wear each piece separately. Not lined.


Get inspired by the Pink Ladies and grab yourself a pencil skirt or pair of cropped jeans to wear with one of these Rockabilly style 50s blouses. If you've got the abs for it tie your shirt at the waist to catch some of the spring sunshine!

Lovely vintage Dupont Dacron Polyester ( when it was new!) blouse vertical mini pleating in front and darts for great fit! Short cuffed sleeves and beautiful faceted clear glass buttons closing front. Perfect Rockabilly top. Label is "Pilot". Super easy care , wash and wear!

Cotton plaid blouse with cute patch pocket on the front. Short sleeve style. Perfect backyard barbecue top! Original paper tag, and Kerrybrooke is from Sears & Roebuck. It has a shirt style hem. Not ever worn. Grey and red, we also have an identical one in yellow and red.

Pretty lipstick red cotton vintage 1950's blouse with vertically darted waist for great fit! Sleeveless style. Perfect Rockabilly top. Label is "Starlight".

Mad Men

Glamorous and elegant, this is the 50s blouse at it's most sophisticated. Neutral tones of gold and yellow work brilliantly with tweed, leather or even denim!

This very vintage " Mad Men" 3 Piece set consists of a top with peasant blouse lines- raglan 3/4 sleeves, left underarm zip and shaped waist. It is unlined. The pencil skirt is lined, and the cigarette pants are lined with a beige colored rayon knit. There are two matching belts. The label is Gotham Original".

This well made sheer rayon blouse features horizontal pleating front and back, with turned back cuffed cap sleeves and an attached "Pussy Bow". Full back metal zipper. This is a top quality item.

Pretty pullover style vintage acetate blouse has a silk finish. Sleeves have button cuffs and it is darted for good fit. There are loops for a belt but it was not found with the item. Label is Plymouth Shops.

Shop our full range of genuine 1950s vintage blouses here, and don't forget to comment letting us know which is your favorite!

A Vintage Suit for Spring! Posted on 13 Apr 05:03 , 1 comment

Now is the perfect time of year for wearing cute vintage suits. The jacket will keep out any remaining winter chills, but you can just as easily sling the jacket over your shoulder to look instantly summery! Here are some of my favorite vintage suits in store at the moment. They range from 1940s Hollywood starlet, through 1960s Mad Men style to amazing 1970s designer suits, and of course they are all genuine vintage! Which suits your style the best?


Above: Fantastic is really the only word to use when describing this vintage Lilli Ann suit! It still has its original fabric tags on the sleeve and was never worn, though it does have some slight flaws as we will see. It is made up of a teal fine wool gab, and is lined in bronze silk satin. It closes in front with 18 covered buttons and loops; has large raglan sleeves that taper to a tight cuff. It has an amazing peplum design and details you just don't see in todays clothes.It has a classic pencil skirt with a side zip. The skirt is unlined. Incredible vintage 1940s  Fernande Desgranges France navy wool knit ladies suit with white leather trim. It's a gorgeous suit! The jacket is very fitted, and has French Buttonhole pockets on the breast and on the peplum, that one becoming part of the belt in front. It has light shoulder pads. 3/4 Sleeves. Above: This is a great vintage ladies suit- with its original paper tag intact! Its a fine wool in a gray/blue/black herringbone plaid. The jacket is very fitted and longer in style with padded shoulders. It is lined in light grey satin. The skirt is a pencil style with 2 side slits. Unlined, with side zipper. No brand label.     Above: Anything but classic vintage suit from the late 1940s really shows off the figure with a hip-hugging pencil skirt and a little matching caplet. I think it is made of cashmere, or a similar super soft quality wool. The capelet is lined with white silk and closes with covered buttons in front. The skirt is a perfect pencil skirt, with two hip pockets and a back metal zipper. Lined in black crepe. The label is Laurice Keyloun.


Above: Gorgeous, soft  100% pure cashmere vintage sweater suit includes a deep V cardigan and a ribbed slightly "A" line Skirt. The front of the sweater close with abalone shell buttons.   Above: Gorgeous 100% wool knit in camel makes up this lovely vintage suit- label Ben Gershel by Robert Knox- simply fabulous designer. It is a perfect vintage suit- the details include a fitted bodice with peplum created by the pleats at the waist; short cuffed sleeves and light but large shoulder pads; Oversized MOP button closure, with same button on the included matching belt. It has an attached cream colored silk faille " pussy bow" at the neck. It also has a long yoke, front and back, to which there are flap pockets attached in front. It is all trimmed with faille piping. It is lined in matching silk and has dressmaker details you will love. Above: This unique suit is made of linen. Im not sure that they were meant to go together, but when I purchased the collection they were together on on a suit hanger. They match perfectly, though the skirt is marked " Salon Lentheric, Fifth Ave" and the blouse has a label: John of California".


Above: Fantastic Norell  2 PC sleeveless suit, in a top quality black woven wool boucle, both pieces lined in black silk taffeta. Though THIS suit doesn't have the Norell label, I have another with the same " front" label AND the Norell label, from the same owner.
  Above: This ladylike vintage suit has never been worn. It is comprised of a black and white nubby silk woven plaid jacket, boxy in style, very Chanel, with a heavy chain weight inside on the lining. It is darted, and has long sleeves with gold buttons, which have black rhinestones on them. It has a hidden fabric snap placket in front. Lined in Above: Fantastic rare vintage  suit of fine wool, in black and white large scale plaid by designer Sybil Connolly of Dublin. The long coat is very mod, with huge deep faux-flap pockets that open on the sides.Long darts from the top shape the bodice.Back belt with button detail, and long back pleat. I think the lining is silk, but Im not sure- it is black.


Above: Exquisite vintage Oscar De La Renta cotton chevron knit suit in medium blue, with nice scalloped edges on skirt and sweater hems. Pull on skirt with wide elastic hidden waist band. This is a beauty! Above: Vintage classic ladies suit by Norman Norell-Tassell in pure 100% wool knit. It featured a mod looking asymetrical button jacket lined in silk with large patch pockets and a nehru collar. The suit has a wide self belt or scarf. The short black wool pencil skirt is lined with silk, and has two inseam pockets and a back zipper. Gustave Tassell took over the design house after Norell’s death in 1972. During this time, the label reads, “Norman Norell by Tassell”. The company closed in 1976.   Of course these are just a few of my favorites, you can take a look at our full range of vintage suits here!  

A Brief History of Vintage Swimwear: From Baggy Knits to String Bikinis Posted on 11 Feb 08:51 , 1 comment

You can buy swimwear in any style imaginable now, from the tiniest bikini to form-enhancing shape-wear swimsuits and even burqinis, but it hasn't always been that way.  Here's a brief history of modern swimwear, from it's beginnings in the 1920s through to the 1970s.


The 1920s was the decade where swimwear first started to resemble the swimming costume we know today. The Twenties were a decade of female emancipation: long hair was bobbed short, hemlines got higher and higher and it got increasingly more acceptable for women to have careers. The new form-fitting swimwear reflected the spirit of the age. The style tended to be similar for both men and women, with a form fitted knitted tunic and shorts. Swim suits tended to be made from wool jersey and suited the fashionable androgynous figure of the time. Did you know: It was illegal in the US for men to swim with their chests exposed until the mid 1920s, and in some places this law lasted until the early 1940s! Below: Maroon 1920s swimsuit with gold trim by G & M Gantner & Mattern Co. of San Fransisco.


Swimwear became a lot more feminine in the 1930s. The swimsuit evolved to be skirted, flared and much more flattering. Lastex (a stretchy elasticated cotton material) became fashionable and allowed for much more form-fitted styles which were popularized by Hollywood stars like Esther Williams. Two piece swimsuits and suits with cut-out panels were popular during the 1930s, although the bottoms were always high-waisted and wouldn't show the navel. Below: Original 1930s "bathing beauty" style swim suit, in a navy blue textured wool. It has a shaped bodice, a waistband, a short skirt and wool panty with unique braided straps fit into channels.


Nylon was invented in the late 1930s but because of the Second World War most nylon was used in the manufacturing of military supplies rather than in swimwear. Corsetry was introduced into the swimming costume, by adding elasticated panels and boned bodices and materials used were mostlycotton or lastex.  People also made their own swimming costumes from whatever they had at home due to rationing and fabric shortages. The first true bikini was unveiled by designer Louis Reard in Paris in 1946. Two-piece swimsuits had been worn in the past, but this was the first string bikini. Reard claimed that a true bikini would be small enough to pass through a wedding ring and it was seen as very scandalous at the time. Below: Beautiful vintage 1940s blue cotton swimsuit with boned bodice, back zip and adjustable straps.  


All in one swimsuits were the most popular style during the 1950s, especially since they now included built in bras and more support than ever. Strapless styles were fashionable along with bright tropical prints which just hadn't been available during the wartime years. Below: Lovely vintage 50s cotton bathing suit from Catalina, in a great abstract print of brown and gold with black and white accents. It has a "Bubble butt", so called because the bottom and legs are elasticized to create that look.


Nylon and Lycra really molded the shape of 1960s swimwear. The introduction of those fabrics allowed for much stretchier form-fitting styles, and swimsuits became more risque to compete with the bikini. In 1964 Rudi Gernreich designed the topless 'monikini' which caused great controversy and was even denounced by the Vatican. Below: Vintage 1960s stretch bikini with round formed hard cups in the bra; it is adjustable with buttons. Bottom has boy leg style, pull on by Catalina (who founded the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants as a way of promoting their products).  


By the 1970s the shape of swimsuits was pretty much the same as now, but with new features like front zippers and mesh panels add extra sex appeal. Below: A 1970s "Wet Look" swimsuit which looks like liquid chocolate! Its a one piece maillot with a white metal zip front, and boy leg styling. Feeling inspired? Why not grab yourself an original vintage swimsuit in store now?

Stealing Agent Carter's Style (Plus a Sale Code) Posted on 28 Jan 04:24 , 0 comments

Agent Carter outfit We've all been admiring Agent Peggy Carter's style recently, and what better way of enjoying the show than to grab yourself some of her fabulous 1940s style? The best way to do this is by starting with a genuine 1940s suit - I've picked this stylish 1940s cranberry color suit, but there's a lot of choice out there (take a look here for starters!). You want something knee-length or slightly longer with sharp lines and small shoulder pads ideally. Then pair it with a statement hat (you can stick with her favorite red, white and blue color scheme if you like but I decided on something slightly more understated for this outfit), a crisp blouse and some seriously sexy heels. The suit in this outfit is vintage 1940s but the accessories are all new and from Modcloth: Day Off to a Great Start Top, Brimming with Excitement Hat and With Haute a Doubt Heel in Cocoa. And now to the matter of that Sale code I mentioned. Use the discount code "meow!" to get $10 off any order of $25 or more at The Best Vintage Clothing store.

How to Work Vintage Into Your Wardrobe Posted on 19 Dec 04:40 , 1 comment

There are so many benefits to wearing vintage (quality, cost, style: I could easily go on...) but sometimes it's difficult to take the plunge into wearing vintage without feeling that you need to somehow re-style yourself. So, how do you slip some vintage into your outfits without having to buy a whole new wardrobe? The trick is to invest in some key statement pieces which are classy and fabulous and can be worn with pretty much anything. Here are some of my suggestions:

Vintage Coats

Invest in a classic vintage coat and you'll never be out of style. A beautiful coat can look great paired with jeans, a smart workwear outfit, or a party dress - talk about versatile! Take this 1920s coat for example, it has everything going for it: it's stylish, unusual, beautiful quality and oh so versatile. I've paired it with Dream Commute True Pants and Little Bunny Shoe Shoe Flat in Black but you could just as easily wear it over a cocktail dress. Take a look at more vintage coats here. 1920s coat outfit

Vintage Jewelry

Accessories can really make an outfit 'pop' and adding a beautiful vintage necklace like this string of 1920s amber beads can really enhance your whole ensemble. If you invest in a piece of vintage estate jewellery you'll be getting a lot more for your money than you would if you were buying the items brand new, and you'll also be buying yourself a unique little piece of history. Think of the parties that a 1920s necklace has seen, and you get to carry on that tradition! I've paired these 1920s amber beads with the fabulously modern Heel or No Heel red shoes and a classic LBD: the All That and Noir Dress. Shop fine vintage estate jewelry here. Vintage amber  

Vintage Purses

This outfit (below) would be lovely just with the shoes and dress, but adding a really beautiful lucite handbag upgrades the whole look. It's like having a one-off designer purse but without a couture price tag! The dress is the All Neutral Dress with a pair of Definitive Drama Heel in Brown and accessorized with this rare lucite 1950s purse. Take a look at more vintage purses here. brown vintage outfit  

Fur Wraps and Stoles

A vintage fur wrap like this one adds some instant glamor to any outfit, and can be worn with anything from a day-to-day outfit like this Design Lesson Dress and Keen Dream Heel, to a full evening gown. Take a look at more vintage fur wraps here. vintage dress So, take the plunge and invest in a beautiful piece of vintage clothing today!  

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cyber Our 3 hour half-price sale on black friday was such a success that we've decided to run it from 9 A.M on Sunday until Midnight on Cyber Monday too! Don't miss out - our whole store is a staggering 50% off. Just use code BF14 at the checkout! Take a look here

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Spotlight On: Vintage Marimekko Fashions I have some amazing vintage dresses by Finnish designer Marimekko in my store at the moment, and boy are they something special! Marimekko was founded in 1951 and was hugely popular by the 1960s because of its big bold prints. One of the major designers during this time was Vuokko Nurmesniemi - take a look at some of his bold and beautiful signature styles below: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Dramatic Vintage 1960s Marimekko Graphic Tent Dress[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Vintage Marimekko Ivory Wool Maxi Gown Wedding? 1970s[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Vintage Marimekko Original Iconic Takki Dress 1960s[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Vintage Marimekko Red Print Jumper Tent Dress 1960s[/caption]       You can see my entire vintage Marimekko collection here. Which piece is your favorite?

Guest Post: 3 Cute Ways To Wear A Vintage 1950s Dress Posted on 22 Sep 07:47 , 0 comments

Guest Post: 3 Cute Ways To Wear A Vintage 1950s Dress I wrote a guest post a few days ago on Va-Voom Vintage which I thought you might like to read: it's all about different ways to wear a vintage 1950s dress. Take a look and let me know what you think. How would you wear the dresses I picked?

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15% Off Vintage Bags I'm delighted to share that we're offering 15% off all our vintage purses with the voucher code BAG15. We've got everything from antique evening bags, to 1950s clutch bags and even a 1970s red telephone bag (just like Lady Gaga's!). Grab yours quickly because, as with all vintage, there's only one of each and you'll never find the same thing twice! Take a look at our vintage handbags here.