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Electric Blue Vintage 1920s Gatsby Era Overdress- Found in a Pennsylvania Attic!

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I just wanted to share this delicious vintage 1920s dress with my readers before it gets sold. Its a net over dress from the 1920s, The Great Gatsby Era, with the most electric blue sequins I have ever seen. Funny, it was balled up in a pillowcase I recently purchased from a Pennsylvania Estate. Let us know what you think! We are pretty sure it is already sold, but if not it will be available at The Best Vintage Clothing soon.. I

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Will the Real Miss Kitty Please Stand Up?

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    Will the real Miss Kitty Please stand up? He He! My photographer and I were having a little fun  with some poses found in a vintage fashion photography book, and Louise decided to get in on the action! I like this one so much, It is going to be my new blog photo. Just wanted to share a little bit of me and my muse with you! I might be sharing some other ones as they are available. So stay tuned! Vintage Love, Miss Kitty

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