Brooches and pins have fallen out of fashion a little in recent years, but they were incredibly popular in the 1950s. Nothing adds a vintage touch to your outfit like a pin on your lapel, and the right brooch can turn an ordinary outfit into something quite spectacular. Of course you don't just have to wear a brooch on your coat, there are lots of other ways to wear a vintage pin.  You can use it to keep a neck scarf tied, pin one to a hat or wear a chunky brooch at the neck of a button-up shirt (in place of a tie). Wear one on your jeans cuffed up. Pin one to your fabric handbag. Or how about pinning one in your hair to decorate a chignon, onto a ribbon headband for a fabulous hairpiece or even pin one onto a clutch-bag to add a dash of instant glamour! Here are some of my favourite vintage brooches in store at the moment. How would you wear them?Send me your ideas for using a vintage brooch to accessorize your wardrobe!   And we have lots more! You can see our full range of vintage brooches here,