How to Wear 1920s Vintage Like a Flapper

The 1920s is one of the most inspiring decades for wearing vintage fashion. Not only does it feel really special to wear genuine 1920s vintage, the fashions of the Roaring Twenties were just so stylish! Here's my guide to what to wear and how to wear it for a 1920s day look and a 1920s flapper-style evening look. So get inspired by Gatsby and Downton Abbey and embrace your inner flapper!

1920s Daywear:

Day dresses were longer than typical flapper dresses and often had pretty delicate prints. Popular features were sailor collars and a straight shape with a dropped waist.     See more 1920s dresses here Any bright young thing worth her salt would be wearing a cloche hat during the day (a close-fitting bell-shaped hat). These could be plain or as fancy as you liked - just look around and find something you adore! See more vintage 1920s hats

Evening Wear: A Flapper Dress

A common misconception is that flapper dresses were bottom-skimming mini-dresses. It was only really in the 1960s that dresses became this short (unless you were a showgirl or an actress). Flapper dresses were generally risqué in different ways. They often featured mesh panels, beading, lace and fringing which were revealing when you were busy dancing the Charleston. They are generally drop-waisted and can be as embellished and beautiful as you can imagine!     See more 1920s dresses here


If you get the accessories right, it will really make the whole outfit 'pop'. For evening long strings of beads were really popular and also stacks of bangles worn high up on the arm. Pearls were popular but also new materials like Bakelite in bright and beautiful colours.     See more vintage 1920s jewelry here Bags were small and fancy, sometimes beaded, sometimes metallic but always tiny and beautiful.   See more genuine 1920s vintage bags here


Don't fall into the same trap that fancy dress shops seem to - very high heels just weren't worn in the 1920s. Go for a medium or low heel with a Mary-Jane style strap and spool heels (hourglass shaped heels which are wider at the top and bottom of the heel and narrower in the middle). See more genuine 1920s shoes here