You Don't Want To Win A $50 Gift Certificate, Right?

New Give-Away at Chronically Vintage ( from The Best Vintage Clothing)

We are being mentioned on the "Chronically Vintage" blog- we will be giving away a $50 gift certificate there in a few weeks, and I will update you as to when it actually starts. In the meantime, here's the nice mention we had along with a photo of the vintage sweetheart pins we *shamelessly* offered in exchange. Jessica can really put together some sweet vintage outfits! I love her blog too. Speaking of love, can we take a moment to chat about how seriously darling this great vintage novelty brooch (with matching earrings) from The Cat's Pajama's is? It's all kinds of cute, perfect for just about any vintage outfit you could dream up, and an especially fitting set to wear during the month (October) that houses our wedding anniversary. This set was very thoughtfully sent to me as a review product from Cat's Pajama's, and I sincerely adore it to pieces. I've always been a fan of vintage novelty brooches that link two pieces together by a wee piece of chain, and the fact that this brooch comes with a matching pair of (clip-on) earrings just makes me flip for it all the more. Talk about the perfect Valentine's Day vintage jewelry set if ever there was one!  (And speaking of The Cat's Pajama's/The Best Vintage Clothing , they're very kindly offering Chronically Vintage readers the chance to win an online gift certificate to their site in mid-November, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that great giveaway here in a couple of weeks). ( Photo courtesy of Antonio Cangiano (