Vintage Boys Black Oxford Leather Shoes NIB RED Goose Several Sizes Available

$ 32.00 $ 49.00

These great vintage childrens black leather oxford dress shoes have rounded toes and leather soles. They are made by Red Goose, and are still in the original box.( there are several versions of the box, so it will depend on which size you order as to which box you'll get. They are soft and supple and perfectly wearable! Some are small enough for a doll.

This is part of a collection we recently procured from Carey's Shoe Store, a store that was established in 1919 in Charlevoix, Michigan. The family recently decided to let go of the remaining stock of the store, about 150 pairs, most new and in their original boxes. ?

570 measures 6 3/4 " Long

Please indicate which one you want when purchasing. 

Condition: New in Box, excellent, wearable!