The Best Vintage Clothing — #1920s

A Brief History of Vintage Swimwear: From Baggy Knits to String Bikinis

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You can buy swimwear in any style imaginable now, from the tiniest bikini to form-enhancing shape-wear swimsuits and even burqinis, but it hasn't always been that way.  Here's a brief history of modern swimwear, from it's beginnings in the 1920s through to the 1970s. 1920s The 1920s was the decade where swimwear first started to resemble the swimming costume we know today. The Twenties were a decade of female emancipation: long hair was bobbed short, hemlines got higher and higher and it got increasingly more acceptable for women to have careers. The new form-fitting swimwear reflected the spirit of the...

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1920s Fashion Trends: The Oriental Influence

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1920s fashion wasn't just about flappers and fringed dresses.  Traditional designs from China and Japan had a big influence on Twenties style with trends like kimino-style coats and robes and richly embroidered fabrics becoming popular. Here are some of my favourite Chinese and Eastern-inspired vintage. Aren't they fabulous? The embroidery is just exquisite! Chinese designs were also really popular in the 1950s so you can dress these fashions up any way you like! They can look very glamorous with skinny jeans or leggings and a vintage slip used as a long sexy camisole.   Jewelry Not all women in the...

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Win This Amazing Vintage 1920s Octagonal Bangle

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I'm giving this fabulous genuine 1920s bangle away this week together with Mary from vintage blog We Heart Vintage. The competition closes on 24th December 2013 so make sure you head over and get your entry in! If you're looking for more fabulous 1920s vintage don't forget to check out my store I have lots of beautiful and rare 1920s vintage clothes, shoes accessories and jewelery.  Oh, and if you need some advice on getting that 1920s look spot-on, then I've written the perfect blog post to help you. Good luck!  

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How to Wear 1920s Vintage Like a Flapper

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The 1920s is one of the most inspiring decades for wearing vintage fashion. Not only does it feel really special to wear genuine 1920s vintage, the fashions of the Roaring Twenties were just so stylish! Here's my guide to what to wear and how to wear it for a 1920s day look and a 1920s flapper-style evening look. So get inspired by Gatsby and Downton Abbey and embrace your inner flapper! 1920s Daywear: Day dresses were longer than typical flapper dresses and often had pretty delicate prints. Popular features were sailor collars and a straight shape with a dropped waist....

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Electric Blue Vintage 1920s Gatsby Era Overdress- Found in a Pennsylvania Attic!

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I just wanted to share this delicious vintage 1920s dress with my readers before it gets sold. Its a net over dress from the 1920s, The Great Gatsby Era, with the most electric blue sequins I have ever seen. Funny, it was balled up in a pillowcase I recently purchased from a Pennsylvania Estate. Let us know what you think! We are pretty sure it is already sold, but if not it will be available at The Best Vintage Clothing soon.. I

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